Wifi idle timeout

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Wifi idle timeout

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wifi idle timeout

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Understanding and Troubleshooting Idle Timeouts

Click here for our top support FAQs. Join Now Log In Help. Discussion stats. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Idle Connection Timeout. I posted a thread that has now been closed out about idle connections being dropped. Specifically I am experiencing this with SSH connections to my remote server that when left idle for a period of time get killed by my R router.

I tried updating the firmware to the latest and I am still getting this idle connection timeout. Please advise. Message 1 of 5. Labels: AC Nighthawk R Re: Idle Connection Timeout. Any news on this? Is there a better place to be posting issues like this rather than this forum?

There doesn't seem to be much traction here. Message 2 of 5. Message 3 of 5. That is ridiculous that the router kills idle connections after a default amount of time.

All other home router brands I've used don't do this. It should err on the side of the user and leave the connection open rather than killing it if they aren't going to allow this to be configurable.

Message 4 of 5. Are you certain this is timing out at the router level? Message 5 of 5. Need More Help? Contact Support.On successful login, the user is granted access. Tested this on Windows 7 notebook multiple times. When PC wakes up, it has to undergo Web Auth again. PC can wake up before 8 hours and not prompted for Web Auth again.

The WLC removed the client entry after 25 minutes. Go to Solution. This is a good post. After reading through and looking at your logs I would say you are correct. I will say your process of layer 3 and layer 2 is not the norm. But it doesn't work. View solution in original post. I agree You shouldn't use layer 2 and layer 3 and expect that they will not have to login the portal. If the device doesn't resond to the layer 2, well the controller deletes the entry and thus idle timer isn't a factor.

Idle timer changes is only meant when using layer 3 only and keeping the client information alive. Sleeping client like George mentioned is a better way than adjusting the idle timer but strictly for layer 3 only.

Of course your WLC has to be on the code that this feature is available on. It seems L2-PSK setting is overriding the Idle Timeout behaviour by expecting certain response from the client and on failure just clears the entry. Last solution is to increase the broadcast key time interval.

I think this option is not available in the GUI with the code. I will now you should raise a TAC case may be they can you. Know that this inflates yiur client count, also keeps higher cpu because the WLC needs to keep count of more clients. Thanks Scott, The code version is 7.

Sleeping Client wasn't an option in my case. That is why I was hoping that Idle Timeout may do the trick here. Layer-3 Web Auth alone should be enough I think.

George, I agree with Dot1X method. Internal secured wireless should with use PSK or The issue with PSK is if the shared secret gets passed around and again the same with login to the portal page. This isn't really secure. If your a Microsoft shop, you should look at brining up Microsoft radius and have that joined to the domain.

It's easy to control access using AD credential or even machine authentication if they are in the domain. That's just my 2 cents:.I am running on 6. X firmware. I know there is 'User Idle Timeout' and 'Reauthentication Interval' but not sure if there are related to what I want to achieve.

Go to Solution. View solution in original post.

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Session timeout can be used with If you are running ArubaOS 6. Specify the idle timeout value for the client in seconds. Valid range is in multiples of 30 seconds. Enabling this option overrides the global settings configured in the AAA timers. If this is disabled, the global settings are used. In With PSK and With captive portal, since the user would have to re-login to the webpage it IS an issue.

By default the idle-timeout gives a captive portal user 5 minutes without having to reauthenticate. Set the captive portal idle timeout to whatever number you need this to be in seconds, so that your captive portal users can avoid having to login for that period of time when their laptop is closed.

When the 30 minutes is up, what do you want the user to do? If you do not want them to be able to login with the same credentials after their session is over, you need an external guest access server like clearpass to remove the account that was created, so that they cannot login again after they are "kicked off" and see the captive portal again. On the controller, in the user role, there is a " Re-authentication Interval" parameter that will force a user to re-authenticate every X interval.

If you make that 30 minutes, a user on a device will be forced to reauthenticate every 30 minutes. For If you force the user to authenticate after 30 minutes, if their account still exists, they can still login again. You need clearpass to both expire the user and remove the account.

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wifi idle timeout

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wifi idle timeout

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Question of the Week: What's the most important future-proofing feature of motherboards today? How do i stop wireless from timeout. Thread starter Guest Start date Nov 26, Sidebar Sidebar.

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JavaScript is disabled.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. This service will turn your Wi-Fi off when no application is actively using Wi-Fi for a certain amount of time.

The main difference between this application and most of the alternatives is that Wi-Fi Idle Timeout will never turn off your Wi-Fi while you use Wi-Fi internet connection. So, you may continue to use Wi-Fi even when the screen is off e. The service assumes that if total Wi-Fi data transfer rate is less than 64KiB per minute for minutes depends on device in a row then there's no application that actively uses Wi-Fi.

Also, this app can turn Wi-Fi off when there's no connection for minutes depends on device. If Wi-Fi was turned off by the application, the connection will be restored again once the screen is on. This application does not connect to Internet.

wifi idle timeout

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My Mesh. WiFi Speed Test Pro.I have set user-idle timeout of 5 minutes. After 5 mintuies user must logged out. Also if there is no network activity and user is idle for 5 mintues then also he must logged out ,that is not happening. When next time he loggins he should re-authenticate to gain internet acccess this is also not happening. He get directly connected to the network without authentication. Please suggest any solution to it.

The user idle timeout is used to clear clients from the user table. As you mention in your case; when the controller detects a user is idle for 5 minutes, it will check to see if the client is still there connected, just not doing anything. If it is, it resets the timer and leaves it alone. If the device is not there disconnected or asleepthen the client is removed from the user table.

KeepAlive TimeOut user Mikrotik

When the device comes back online, the reauthentication depends on the authentication type you have set for the network. If it is If it is a pre-shared key network, the client caches the key and will connect without any visible authentication.

If the network is Open, it will just connect. To re-authenticate in that case,what configuration have to be done in aruba Is any configuration have to be done at Client's end.

It is on the client end. Typically the cache their logons and don't prompt again. I actually tried configuring AAA profile User-Idle timeout to secs and even the global settings but users experiencing a disconnection reportedly even playing games and active for 30 minutes. Are your clients using captive portal authentication? If not, manipulating the user idle timeout is not a symptom or solution to your issue.

How do i stop wireless from timeout

We would need more details about your deployment authentication being used, clients with problems, exactly what happens before we can narrow down what could be happening. Good day! We have two SSID's 1. Guests - are being authenticated through Xpossible device with captive portal, open authentication on the part of the Aruba wireless controller. Welcome Back! Select your Aruba account from the following: Aruba Central Login to your cloud management instance. Partner Ready for Networking Login to access partner sales tools and resources.

Airheads Community Login to connect, learn, and engage with other peers and experts. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.They will simply immediately re-associate since they are using an authenticated connection.

Sorry for the delay. Im talking about Apple IPhones! When they not longer active in the Wireless, they go automaticaly in sleep mode maybe they deactivate the wireless?!

After reactivation of the Phone they have to login again with their credentials. Is there a posibility to configure an Idletimeout? Alas this is a much complained about iOS security feature. We can't change it, as Apple designed it to work that way. I had the same issue with a few nest thermostats on the mr I had the same issue, but not on my IOS devices.

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And we use enterprise for our iOS devices. There is nowhere in the dashboard to change this. Register or Sign in.

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Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:. User Idle Timeout. Here to help. Hi All!


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