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Most of the people use their phone on a daily basis so it is almost impossible to forget something you are typing God knows how many times per day. However, things happen and sometimes memory betrays us especially when we least expect it.

Bw shp8 tasmota

I have all of them in front of me - see links below. Having owned several Blitzwolf battery packs over the years, I have high hopes for these controllers. Note that in the image below - I have the relay, button and LED working but not the power monitoring. Power output, button and indicator work just fine.

Anyway to do this quickly and precisely. Any way to click on an edge and type the new value for the length, width, depth. I know I can do this as I am creating it or use the gumball and type values for moving or scaling. Any way to select an object like a cube and pull up its specifics like length, width, depth, etc.

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